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Able to Teach

This online course prepares parents to be Able to Teach their own.  Learn:


Overcoming Learning Challenges

This online course is a good follow on for homeschooling parents whose children face learning challenges. It is also the first step to becoming a Brain Trainer. Learn: 

  1. To Label or Not to Label

  2. Unlocking Learning Potential – The Learning Process

  3. Addressing Problems With Reading

  4. Addressing Problems With Math

  5. Addressing Problems With the Other Subjects

  6. Accommodations and Tips

  7. Plan of Action – Designing a plan of action for your child.

  8. To register:  Overcoming Learning Challenges - Family Academy  

Become a Brain Trainer

We train qualified individuals to help others. ​

Steps to becoming a Brain Trainer: 

1. Complete Overcoming Learning Challenges (see above) / ULP # 1 (To register for ULP # 1 $150.00 to on

2. Interview with Learning Specialist. Be ready to tell the Learning Specialist why you are qualified and want to do this.

3. Discuss possible next steps: observations (via internet), work with a child under supervision, etc. 

4. Upon mutual written agreement, new Brain Trainer will begin receiving referrals as new clients come to us. 

Become a Learning Specialist

We train individuals to assess children, design Individualized Neurodevelopmental Plans and monitor work of the Brain Training. 

Steps to becoming a Learning Specialist:

1. Complete Overcoming Learning Challenges, ULP # 1 and ULP # 2 Cost for ULP #2: $200.00

2. Interview with the training Learning Specialist. Discuss qualifications and progress in Brain Training. Be ready to tell why you qualify and what you need to be prepared. 

3. Discuss areas training and register.

4. Keep in touch with the training Learning Specialist with questions regarding the course on and resources on Google Drive. 

5. Upon mutual written agreement the Learning Specialist will begin getting referrals and will also be able to attract her own clients. 

Unlocking Learning Potential Membership 

Overcoming Learning Challenges and ULP # 1 are training courses open to the public. ULP #2 is only open to members. Members receive referrals from ULP and there are many other benefits for these members who are independent contractors. Members are a group of professionals who work together for the benefit of our clients. For more info contact

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