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Articles, Videos and Testimonials

These articles and testimonials introduce our work using the "neurodevelopmental" approach. We find

missing pieces in development, teach parents to do specific activities with their children that stimulate

development. Visit our blog for more information: 

Unlocking Learning Potential -

The Process of Learning

Neurodevelopmental Approach
to Learning Difficulties
"You do a great job with my kiddos. I so feel for my son but he is making progress. Thank you for being so patient with him." L.C.


“My name is Z.C. I began working with the learning specialist at Unlocking Learning Potential in 2009. By 2011 I could see how I had grown tremendously with my education and learning.  With the neurodevelopmental evaluation I found out that I was far below my grade level academically. At first, I thought the activities were silly, futile and would not work, but as I kept doing them I started noticing the big differences in every area of my learning. I could read faster, comprehend more, my vocabulary increased, and my memory improved." Z.C. graduated from high school in 2011.


We’d known for a while that there were some learning difficulties with my 15 year old daughter.We tried many different things, there were tears and prayers. Then we heard about the neurodevelopmental  program through Maggie Dail. We went to a seminar, heard  testimonies and were convinced that this might be the help we need. My daughter was evaluated and a neurodevelopmental program was put into place. The program did not appeal to my daughter at first, but she grew accustomed to it as we saw progress. When we finished the program, we started where we had left off in her usual curriculum with great results. We are so proud of her and more importantly so is SHE! We have even seen progress in her self-esteem thanks to the program.   C.G.


Program isn’t easy, no therapy is, we are asking our child to learn something new that their body is not able to do. It would be like me competing on the balance beam when I can’t even do a cartwheel. This would take hours if not years of agonizing practice and I would have to work hard on my attitude while doing an activity that I have no interest in or able to understand the benefit of doing.  We are doing program with two of our sons and both are doing well. Many thanks to ICAN ND’s  and other parents on program for your courage and encouragement.  Blessings, -Joyce and family


Maggie Dail is one of the best educators I know!     She's been a teacher of my son for a few years now and I appreciate her willingness and dedication to teach my son.    Her patience amazes me!    Thank you Sooo Much Maggie!!!!  Shirley DeFord

Videos: Unlocking Learning Potential - The Process of Learning - Part 1, 2, 3 

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