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Mission Statement

As an organization of Christians we believe our primary purpose is to glorify God by*:


  • Providing hope for families facing academic and behavioral challenges.

  • Using the neurodevelopmental approach to enable our clients to reach their full God-given potential.

  • Guiding families in the education of their children.

* We provide products and services to all families whether they agree with our religious convictions or not.















Maggie was raised in a military family and moved around much during her childhood. She was raised in a Christian home. After high school she earned a BA from Faith Baptist Bible College in Christian Education, Missions and Bible in 1972. She earned a BA in Elementary Education in 1980 from Cedarville College and an MA in Special Education from Adams State College in 1989. She has lived in Spanish speaking countries (Costa Rica, Spain) for around 17 years as a military dependent, student, and missionary schoolteacher.


When she moved to Washington after marrying Ronnie, the State of Washington certified her to teach: Elementary K-8; Special Education K-12; Reading K-12 and Spanish K-12. She has Lifetime certifications with Association of Christian Schools International Elementary, Secondary, Bible and Spanish, Reading Specialist and Special Education Specialist. 


During her years as a teacher in schools and working with homeschoolers she has searched for more tools to help students who have learning struggles. Maggie found that the neurodevelopmental approach provides the help that solve student's learning difficulties, not just accommodate for them.  Maggie is a member of the International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists and is a certified Neurodevelopmentalist at the Associate Professional level.

Ronnie was raised in a military family and traveled some overseas with the U.S. Air Force. His duties include all the behind the scenes work of our vocation. He keeps track of the finances and manages our computers.


He has years of administrative experience as an Air Force Administration Specialist as well as Owner / Manager of Amazing Christian Literature Center, Master Enterprises Learning Center, Center for Neuro Development and Unlocking Learning Potential. He is a July 1998 graduate of Business Computer Training Institute.


Both Ronnie and Maggie consider worship services at Grace Baptist Church be the highlight of their week.

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Maggie Dail, M.A. CND
Learning Specialist
Teacher Consultant
Ronnie Dail
Laura Barnes CBT
Brain Trainer
Menu Coach
Emma Elliott
SOI Provider
Aleks Math Provider

After traveling much during her childhood, Laura Barnes graduated from high school from Moberly, Missouri. in 1988. She studied at Tulsa Community College and has completed an online course, Overcoming Learning Challenges.  She has been married for 27 years and has three children.  Laura has homeschooled her children and a niece for the past 20 years. She has taught yearbook in the Heartland Homeschool co-op last year but also taught drama and P.E. in another homeschool co-op several years ago.
Laura "graduated" recently having all three of her children graduate from homeschool high school;  the last one graduated in 2016.  With her last child, she has had many struggles over the years teaching him.  Prior to his graduation, he was tested and it was discovered that he had problems with visual and auditory dominance.  Since he has been working with a Brain Trainer he has made many improvements.  It is through watching her son’s growth in education and in social settings that she was greatly encouraged. Laura is seeking to help others who are working to make education more productive and more enjoyable. Laura joined us as a Brain Trainer and began working with families beginning in August 2015.
In addition to Brain Training, Laura comes prepared to help our families with the nutrition side of things. While we are not medical professionals, we do make referrals to medical practitioners or nutrition based help that comprises a significant piece to the puzzle for our students. Laura has learned to cook meals that meet the needs of the varied needs of her family. She loves to cook. Many families find it daunting to learn to cook a new way when confronted with the need to eliminate ingredients that make up our Standard American Diet. Laura is available to be your Menu Coach. She provides menus and recipes for 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners plus snacks, and desserts. For her clients, she is on call to answer questions.


Emma Elliott is a native of Washington State. She grew up being homeschooled with her siblings and graduated from Academy Northwest, an accredited high school for homeschoolers, in 2015.  Before graduation she authored a book series that was published while in high school and became a certified CNA. After graduation she went on to Waldorf University where she earned her AA in Psychology, and her bachelor's in forensic psychology.  She is currently enrolled at Pepperdine University for a master's in clinical psychology with an emphasis on marriage and family therapy.  Child Development, Mental Health and Trauma are critical areas of interest, as Emma is passionate about helping others.  


Emma is newly certified in Structure of Intellect Systems (SOI), an assessment-based program for those who want to understand their learning disabilities.  Emma is available for online assessments.  

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Angel Garrett -CBT, CLS
B.A. Brain Trainer,
Learning Specialist

Early Childhood &
Sensory Coach

Angel grew up in a Christian home. She went to a private Christian school from kindergarten through tenth grade; except for second and third grade when she was homeschooled. Finished high school in 2001 after attending public school for the eleventh and twelfth grade. She graduated with BA in Psychology and a minor in Sociology in 2007 from UNO. She did start some graduate work at Capella University for an MA in School Psychology. She has a strong desire to work with children with autism and children birth to age five. She has been working with children or adults with disabilities since 2002. During that time she worked for public schools for three years, lead preschool teacher for two years, had her own in-home daycare for four years and worked with adults with disabilities through Mosaic for five years. Angel has three children. She has advocated, searched for, ensured services for her son with disabilities in different latitudes. She has been through the system in different capacities as a parent, as a student, as an employee, in the schools as well as through state services.

Mariana Thien
Certified Brain Trainer

Mariana Thien is located in Washington State. She has been with her husband for 28 years and they have 4 girls ages 26, 23, 16 and 7 with 5 grandchildren. She has a love for family, homeschooling, and serves youth and young adults at her local church. Mariana has been homeschooling since she pulled her oldest two out of public school at the ages of 11 and 9, she has a vast range of experience with different types of homeschool, styles, learning styles etc. 


When she found out her youngest might be on the spectrum she started working with Unlocking Learning Potential and Family Academy and found a whole new world of hope that has greatly helped her youngest two. Using the Brain Training system has given her tools to not only help her daughters but being able to share it with other parents with the same issues have been her greatest joy. Going from such difficulties and daily struggles to having tools and support has really helped her whole family. 


Mariana has completed the online course, Unlocking Learning Challenges, and Able to Teach and is continuing her education in hopes to help kids using the neurodevelopmental approach, locating and helping them overcome challenges they may be facing. It is sad to her that a lot of people only know of one way to learn, one way to treat certain things but in reality that is not the case. She wants to spread the word and good news, there is hope! For this reason she is readily available to help families from planning homeschool, finding learning styles, brain testing and implementing plans, walking it out step by step! 

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