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Becoming Adults in the 21st Century  -  by Maggie Dail


Have you noticed that it takes longer for children to become adults than before? It takes up to 15 years for what used to take about 3 years. Maggie Dail reviews the parents and the experts' advice on the subject. Dail and those she consults, begin with the premise that God’s Word, the Bible, is the definitive word on parenting and any other endeavor in life.  $5.00

Becoming Adults in the 21st Century - Family Academy 

Using Biographies to Teach Writing by Maggie Dail

Combining subjects as in Unit Studies creates a win-win situation for students and teachers/parents and children.  Maggie Dail has read and reviewed numerous biographies and historical fiction stories or books and used these as a guide for parents/teachers in teaching the art and skill of writing.  Each reviewed biography or historical fiction story/book illustrates one aspect of learning to write. While not a complete curriculum, it does guide the parent in teaching her child to write beginning with paragraphs and building to multiple paragraphs. $5.00


Using Biographies to Teach Writing - Family Academy

These stories have been a part of Maggie Dail for several years. Rounding the Bases - Chris Learns to Read was published in print in 2010 as a chapter book for struggling readers and their parents. It tells the story of a boy named Chris who loved baseball but struggled in learning to read. His story illustrates how many ICAN neurodevelopmentalists work with their clients.  $5.00 each

Jumping the Hurdles, Jessi Learns Math is especially for families who have children who struggle with math. Finally, Hitting the High Notes - Bobby Lee Organizes His Life's Song is primarily for families who face challenges with follow through - these individuals do not lack abilities and dreams - but something is keeping them from moving the dream to fulfillment. Finding the underlying missing pieces in development is the answer for all of these. Keep in mind that these challenges do not come in isolation, but Dail used specific profiles in her characters. These latter two stories represent how Maggie and her team work with our clients today. 

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