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Non-Test Assessment (qualifies for WA State homeschoolers)


PIAT-R (Peabody Individual Achievement Test – Revised) Given orally – General Information, Reading Recognition, Reading Comprehension, Math and Spelling.

  • Optional – evaluation of a one-page writing sample – corrected with criteria that you receive along with an instructional lesson for one area of concern.

  • Neurodevelopmental Screening (auditory and visual processing; dominance).

  • Brief consultation with parents.

  • NTA Report.

  • Fulfills requirement for annual homeschool assessment in Washington State.

What are the fees?

  • Standard Price - $70.00

  • Discount for two or more per family: $60.00

  • Optional: Writing Sample Assessment - $25.00

  • Optional: Learning Style Analysis - $25.00


 KeyMath-R serves as a supplement to the BTA or NTA or as a stand-alone diagnostic math test for pre-high school skills. This assessment looks at 13 areas of math. Success for high school math depends on a good foundation.  $100.00

Brain Training Assessment

Includes all of the Non-Test Assessment, plus with parent completed forms, the Learning Specialist designs an Individualized Neurodevelopmental Plan (list of activities to stimulate the brain to encourage development) to complete at home with our support.  Cost: 

Initial: $200 Follow-ups: $150 


Depending on the results of the NTA or the BTA and the goals of the parents, families may be offered access to our professional account with HearBuilder. 


Structure of Intellect Assessment

Dr. J.P. Guilford designed an assessment that decreased the attrition rate of dropouts of those training to be pilots during WWII. Drs.  Mary and Robert Meeker further developed this model of assessing and training different learning abilities. 

Assessment Cost: $150.00

Training Materials and Support: $100.00


Contact Maggie NOW to schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation via phone or Zoom.  We answer questions and discuss your options.  We offer discounts for bundled services.Discuss this with us before paying through PayPal ( below.  


Brain Training 

Clients with INPs do activities five days a week with parent and  then work with our Brain Trainers, twice a week for 30 minutes. This provides additional activities for the clients and support for the parents. As a part of Brain Training, clients may receive help with math, reading, writing, test prep or other academic needs. $130.00 a month.  (Pay Brain Trainer directly.)

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Family Academy Online's Learning Accelerator and Reading Booster. 

These researched tested (MySciLearn) and developed online programs help students learn how to read and how to learn at the same time. Our Learning Specialist monitors and helps the parents coach their children. Made possible by Family Academy Online.

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  • Menu Coach - help with diet, recipes, shopping lists. Many of our clients are sensitive to the Standard American Diet. Cleaning up the diet helps with learning. (Pay Laura directly.)

  • Hearbuilder - Auditory Processing screening  via Zoom, access to Hearbuilder for 4 month increments - $40.00.  Reports and Monitoring by our Learning Specialist.