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We no longer offer these informational products via our website, however, they are available from Jen Mishler. She also provides access to supplies to fulfill an Individualized Neurodevelopmental Plan at

Releasing True Potential - a 5 1/2 seminar given by veteran ICAN Neurodevelopmentalist that provides great instruction to parents doing an INP with their child and a great introduction to our program.
Too Wise to Be Mistaken Too Good to Be Unkind  Cathy Steere tells their family's story contending with the autism of their son. It will make you rejoice and cry.
Unlocking Learning Potential - audio seminar given by Cyndi Ringoen and Marilee Coots, ICAN Certified Master Neurodevelopmentalists. This provides a great introduction to our program and gives parents some activities to do with their children. 
Unlocking Learning Potential - From Gifted to Challenged 
Articles complied in an e-book from all of the ICAN neurodevelopmentalists comprise a gold mine of information for anyone wanting to know how to unlock the learning potential of a family member or friend.



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