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Services for Students



Brain Training 

Clients with INPs do activities five days a week with parent and then work with our Brain Trainers, twice a week for 30 minutes. This provides additional activities for the clients and support for the parents. As a part of Brain Training, clients may receive help with math, reading, writing, test prep or other academic needs. $140.00 a month.  (Pay Brain Trainer directly.)


Menu Coach

Our Menu Coach helps with diet, recipes, shopping lists. Many of our clients are sensitive to the Standard American Diet. Cleaning up the diet helps with learning. Along with the BTA and the Individualized Neurodevelpmental Plan, we often recommend Laura. Or, you may contact: Laura Pay her directly. 


Auditory Processing screening via Zoom, access to Hearbuilder  FA Annual Subcription access $50.00.  Reports and Monitoring by our Learning Specialist. Depending on other services, there may an additional fee for the support. 

Family Academy Online's Learning Accelerator and Reading Booster


These researched tested (MySciLearn / Carnegie Learning) and developed online programs help students learn how to read and how to learn at the same time. Our Learning Specialist monitors and helps the parents coach their children. Now available on a month-to-month basis.   Now also available: Bookshop Phonics - this provides instruction for K-2 and older students with learning challenges. It includes virtual support and printable curriculum on a month-to-month basis. Made possible by Family Academy Online. Contact us for more info:

Online High School - Family Academy Online 


ULP's Brain Trainer, Angel, is offering ASL classes and ULP's Learning Specialist, Maggie, is offering Conversational Spanish, Spanish Grammar I, 2,3, Spanish Literature and Composition, Biographies and Writing (World History, English), American Adventures (American History, English).



Contact Maggie NOW to schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation via phone or Zoom.  We answer questions and discuss your options.  We offer discounts for bundled services.Discuss this with us before paying throughZelle ( or PayPal ( below.Or direct deposit, contact us for details. 

Discounts available for Family Academy Family Members, ANW students and others by prior arrangement.

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