Too Wise to Be Mistaken Too Good to Be Unkind Christian Parents Contend With Autism by Cathy Steere 2nd Edition now available.

Cathy Steere opens her heart to show God’s faithfulness to her family as they discover their son has autism and how her son develops with an Individualized Neurodevelopmental Plan.

From the back cover:

“Cathy’s perspective on parenting and educating a child with autism is encouraging, and I know it could benefit many families affected by disability.”
Joni Eareckson Tada, president and found of Joni and Friends

“This is a tremendously God-honoring book. It faithfully points to Christ, who alone can sustain parents through the joys and sorrows of raising a challenged child. The faith lessons that Cathy shares, forged in the crucible of suffering, offer hope and encouragement for any Christian parent.”
Dr. Laura Hendrickson, author, Biblical counselor, and autism spectrum parent

“I appreciate the way Cathy Steere responded to her child and his unique needs. She was not reacting to a crisis or a label, but to a child. She followed God’s principles to ‘train up a child in the way he should go,’ and God rewarded her… What she learned and shared may save many of us from falling into pitfalls we might otherwise have stumbled into in our search for help.”
Joyce Herzog, author of Learning in Spite of Labels

From the inside front of the book:

“An honest, heart-wrenching story…I began to understand this elusive thing called ‘autism’ and I found hope and help for parents of all types of children, even those with other special needs. I couldn’t put it down! I highly recommend this book.”
Lorrie Flem, TEACH Magazine

“Although not all children will be able to respond as dramatically or as fully to intervention as Cathy’s son did, I wholeheartedly agree with her encouragement for families to think biblically and not abandon consistent discipline and moral teaching for our special needs children. No matter what approach, or what ever level of ‘success’ we attain with teaching our children, the development of obedience and character will allow them to go as far as possible within their own unique blend of abilities and disabilities.”
Sharon Hensley, author, Home Schooling Children with Special Needs

“It stands out as one of the only books on the market that seeks to demonstrate from a distinctly biblical , psychology-free perspective that parents of autistic children can meet the needs of their children at home.”
Doug Phillips, President, Vision Forum

Foreword by Ted Tripp, pastor, author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart

Front Cover: “ A family dealing with autism, professionals, homeschooling and successfully using Biblical child training. An excellent book.”



Too Wise to Be Mistaken Too Good to Be Unkind

  • In this book you will meet the Steere family and walk with in their journey from recognizing that something is not quite right with their first son, finding out how to help and the arduous path to resolving many of his issues. 

    You will laugh and cry with Cathy.

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